Royale9Designs is a professional Creative Design company based in Kolhapur, India.
We specialize in web design, branding, print design, Post-production and marketing strategy. This means we can provide you with lots of ideas to improve your business image and we can also carry these ideas through in style.


Meet Our Team

We are a happy group of designers amd developers some of us with over 10 years of experience and all specialists in our area.
Our team includes well qualified and experienced professionals. It’s because of their efforts we are able to have a name for ourselves in the industry in this short span of a year. ‘Royale9designs’ is our initiative to further empower our employees to ensure they are able to deliver their best.

Prasshant Patil
(Founder, Creative Director)

As Founder of Royale9designs, Prasshant Patil is responsible for overseeing the company's strategic direction, planning and implementation.
Prasshant has gained a reputation for his deep knowledge of designing.

Mandar Dhotre
(Chief  Technology Officer And Co-founder)

Madar dhotre, co-founder and CTO, is responsible for the long-term technical and strategic direction of Royale9designs. Along with Prasshant patil, mandar founded Royale9designs in 2008 and has helped build the company from two people to over a hundred.

Satish Jambe
(Creative Head For Post-production & VFX)

Satish joined R9D in 2011 as a Senior Editor and Creative Head for post-production & VFX.
As Creative Director, he oversees the creative calibre and handling of projects from inception to final delivery.

Rahul Ulape
(Marketing head for R9D)

Rahul joined R9D with a background in marketing, as well as experience in maintaining customer relationships in 2011. His approach with clients is to carefully listen and learn about their organization and business goals. From there, he works with the R9D core team to provide clients with the solutions needed to make their businesses successful.

His strong marketing knowledge all further help him in facilitating the process of bringing new clients on board while keeping existing customers happy.